Nice combo with the Feral Predators Capsule

Cluck Howl (Cluck Holo)

Bear Howl (Bite Me (Foil))

ak-47 hydroponic + 4x Toxic (Foil)

ak-47 hydroponic + 4x Lurker (Foil)

ak-47 hydroponic + 4x Baited (Holo)

ak-47 aquamarine revenge+ 4x Baited (Holo)

ak-47 neon rider + 4x Cluck (Holo)

ak-47 neon rider + 4x Free Hugs (Holo)

AK-47 Uncharted + Bite Me (scraped 90%)

AK-47 Uncharted + Cluck scraped

ak-47 asiimov + Cluck

ak-47 asiimov + Cluck (Holo)

awp atheris + 4x Toxic (Foil)

awp awp + Lurker (Foil)
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