pattern Rank on AK-47 Case Hardened and price value in 2019


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it's BS, maybe ~$5 overmarket for the pattern

the percentage was calculated by the csmoney,
and they calculated the percentage most likely on both sides, including the barrel and butt.
Thanks! I see, so basically BS with rare patterns are basically worthless. Basically only the stickers will give it a better value.


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AK Case Hardened #519 FN .0007 (13th lowest according to csgofloat) with 3x CLG Kato 15 Holos

Really want to know for how much this beauty could go, so any help is greatly appreciated. If you´re interested in getting it hmu :)


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How much you think is this worth?


And i know these arent AK´s but would be nice if you can tell me if they are worth more than market price.




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How much you think is this worth?
this ak pattern it is market, you can try to grab 1~2 keys above market because of the blue on mag.

The bowie it is also market =T.

The 5-7 has overpay but csmoney doesnt overpay BS you will have to fin some same patteren on money WW so you can have an idea how much u can ask for it.

Or you can manually search here: