Kato 2014 price check (PC)


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Could anyone help me price check this? I might be able to
get my hands on it. It has a Vox Eminor (holo) on best position
plus the float is decent too.

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~$150 for the sticker (CSM)
not FN, not ST (such skins without IBP/Titan HOLO are very difficult to sell for good money, their time has not come yet).
~$600-700 for this titan combo (csm) and you can still add for IBP
these are not the best places for stickers, but looks good
Have this listed on bitskins for $84 and have been lowering it by $1 everyday bit it still won’t sell. What do you think is a fine price?
This is a good price,

that 2714 was sold yesterday for $75

Bitskins bad in this regard , It's difficult for users to find skins with stickers


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Hello Tchuriki, May I ask what is the fair offer for ST AK-47 Bloodsport FN with 4 Reason Kato14 Holo? Is it really worth $19,000 usd? (Real money), because i saw someone set the B/O offer $19,000 usd.
I wouldn't buy more than ~$12000 (the cost of 3x stickers. ~$4000x3) + the cost of this skin
Hey Tchuriki, what should be the price of a awp redline mw with 4x hellraiser katowice 2014 holos. Its the only awp in the game with 4x hellraisers holo.
hiya, i think it costs ~ one and a half stickers 1.5*$1400(last sale on the bitskins ) in cash
these stickers are less and less 3175 so the price can be set higher