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Can you link it?
This is one of the threads:

and this one is a comment (Not the one I remember, the one I remember was about a guy selling shit which dropped in price, and led to him getting reported, something along those lines)

EDIT: The preview feature is HELLA cool, nice job tchuriki
EDIT2: Found the other one, is in the comments



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I think this is not a tradeban for the site, but for the skins that you bought there, there are many scammers selling stolen skins (If you buy by order, then this can not be controlled.). Old owner finds new owners and sends reports.


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Hey everyone, I've been noticing a trend lately in the CSGO skin market that has me a bit concerned. With the recent rise in popularity of certain skins, particularly those with Case Hardened Blue Gem Patterns, I've seen prices skyrocket to levels that seem almost unreasonable. While it's great to see the value of these skins increase, I can't help but wonder if this is sustainable in the long run.